25% off all orders during the month of September to celebrate the owners 25th anniversary! However Impact! is also closed during September, so your order might not ship until around October 9th. FREE US SHIPPING ON ORDER OF $75+ (use code FREESHIP at checkout)

Impact! 3-D Printing Service

25% off all 3-D Printing during September to celebrate the owner's 25th anniversary! However Impact! is also closed during the month of September so all 3-D print orders will not ship until October 9th.

Have a file you'd like Impact! to 3-D print for you in very high quality durable (not brittle) resin at 1/20th of a mm of detail at 40% less and half the time of other popular 3-D printing services?
All you need to do is TWO steps:(if you do not finish the 2nd step I cannot print your file for you!)

1st - upload the files using this link: Upload your file(s) for printing. then
2nd - fill out our Contact Form to give us your information. (specifically email and country) (very important)

If you do not hear from us about your print order in 3 days after we get home on October 4th, it means we did not get your 2nd step form. Please fill out the 2nd step form again if that has happened. Most prints ship within 5 days of payment. We normally start printing immediately after setting up the model. If you are JUST looking for a quote, please put that in your work order as otherwise we will set up your model and get it printing for shipping to you as fast as possible. We ship to the address on your payment not any address you put in the Contact Form unless told it is wrong.
Normal unmounted heroes like provided by services like Hero Forge cost $5 to $10 to print. Mounted figures and Centaurs cost more. Shipping is a one time fee no matter number of prints ordered. $6 USA, $16 for Canada & $21 Rest of World.